BSH Neuroscience Center

The BSH Department of Neuroscience in collaboration with Nabeel Alshafai Neurospine Centre has established a center of excellence focused exclusively on brain illnesses. We are the only private hospital in the country with a focus on these complex brain illnesses. We treat and mange patients with traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, stroke and dementia.

We are glad to have partnered with Professor Nabeel Alshafai (Founder and Chairman of the Nabeel Alshafai Neurospine Centre) in his efforts to bring the highest quality Neurosurgery to the middle east specifically in the GCC to serve the local population starting with the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have the following two major sub-specialty clinics within the BSH Neuroscience Center:

  • BSH Stroke Care Center
  • BSH Brain Surgery Center

BSH Stroke Care Center

The BSH Stroke Care Center was established with the aim to develop medical services in ischemic stroke patients as well as disease prevention and long-term medical care by the multidisciplinary team.

The BSH Stroke Care Center offers a full range of neurological and neurosurgical services through several sub-centers of excellence (given below) and specialized medical programs. Ours is a comprehensive team involving the neurologist, vascular neurologist, interventional neurologist, neurosurgeon, spine surgeon, neuro-nurses, and rehabilitation experts. Most of the members of our team have received training from Western countries.

The emergency stroke care system (Stroke fast track) in Bahrain Specialist Hospital was developed over the years. Our center is the comprehensive stroke center which provides the comprehensive stroke care in acute phase including advanced neuroimaging, medical treatment, and endovascular intervention and post stroke care including rehabilitation, the stroke follow up clinic, and home visit.BSH Stroke Care Center is also the referrals center offering both thrombolytic and mechanical thrombectomy and providing telestroke consultation to support other hospitals in Bahrain and the GCC.

Stroke unit and stroke ICU provide medical care to ischemic stroke patients. Both units are managed by multidisciplinary experts with well-equipped devices that can provide an effective communication system among vascular neurologists and physicians or medical personals who are working in the ward at any time.

The long term post stroke follow-up is also provided for effective physical and mental rehabilitation in patients. The stroke clinic is where patients can get post-treatment follow-up from a multidisciplinary team. The self-help group is led by stroke nurses and created for exchanging stroke care experience among patients and caregiver. “Home Health Care” is a home visit program for stroke patient to provide secondary stroke prevention and medical advice by the nursing staffs.

The BSH Stroke Care Center provides a multidisciplinary service to stroke patients including disease prevention, medical care, long-term treatment, home health care, out-patient stroke clinics by multidisciplinary teams such as neurologist, internist, neurosurgeon, psychiatrists, specialist nurses, nutritionists, social workers and Red Cross volunteers. The services are aimed to provide patients with comprehensive physical and mental rehabilitation.

BSH Brain Surgery Center

Neurosurgery is a highly advanced field of medicine that requires rigorous super-specialty training.  It provides a comprehensive neurosurgical service covering a full range of neurosurgical pathologies, including all cranial conditions. We are happy and proud to offer both simple and complex neurosurgical services under one roof. We have specialized nursing and rehabilitation teams, as well. In addition to serving the local population, it also provides a national and international service for more specialized neurosurgical problems.

The incidence of stroke, traumatic head injury, and brain tumors has been increasing worldwide. The various neurosurgical conditions can cause high degrees of disability and even mortality if not managed appropriately on time. Many such situations can be avoided by providing adequate care. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care equivalent to the world standards and keep patient safety our ultimate priority. Our brain surgery center aims to provide the highest-quality neurosurgical care – the same level of care we would want for ourselves or our loved ones.

Scope of services span from diagnosis and management of all neurosurgical conditions including the following:

  • Hemorrhagic stroke (intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage)
  • Cerebral aneurysms
  • Cerebral arteriovenous malformations
  • Brain tumors (including gliomas and meningiomas) – both adult and pediatric
  • Intractable epilepsy
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Cysts in the brain
  • Facial pain
  • Chiari malformation
  • Head injuries


Dr. Mahmoud Hesham

Specialist Neurology

Dr. Nabeel S. Alshafai

Head of Department - Consultant Neurosurgeon

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