ICU Nutritional Diet


  • Nutritional Support Has Become A Routine Part Of Critically Ill Patients.
  • Nutritional Support Refers To Enteral, Parenteral, Provision Of Calories, Proteins, Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements And Fluids.
  • These Patients Are Hyper metabolic And Have Increased Nutritional Requirements.
  • Critically Ill Patients Malnutrion Develop Rapidly Due To Presence Of Acute Phase Responses, Which Not Only Promote Catabolism But Also Alter The Response To Nutritional Support.
  • Malnutrition Once Established Exerts Well–known Deleterious Effects By Altering Immunity, Increasing Susceptibility To Nosocomial Infections, Decreasing Wound Healing And Promoting Organ Failure.
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