1. When the day you are going to start to collect for your 24-hour urine collection, throw out your first morning urine sample. Bladder should be completely Empty. Please note the time.
  2. Begin collecting urine samples in the bottle the next time you urinate (Pee). Urinate into a clean dry plastic / container and transfer the urine into the container provided to you.
  3. Save all the urine from each time you urinate for the complete 24 hours period. Close the lid properly and gently mix or invert the bottle after each urine sample.
  4. Collect the last urine sample 24 hours, at exactly the same time of your start time.
  5. Keep the urine sample at room temperature until the time when you will bring the sample to the hospital.
  6. Urine samples should be brought to the Lab with the patient for blood collection.
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