Dr. Abdul Kareem Al Azzawi

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Languages Known:

English, Arabic

Scope of Services:

  • Arthroscopic surgery for sport injuries and ligaments repair.
  • Reconstructive management for severely deformed upper and lower limbs (congenital and acquired).
  • Advanced fractures management with scientific treatment of the bone gabs.
  • Hand Surgery for multiple injuries, bony & ligamentous.
  • Spinal surgery: Disc prolapse, Spinal trauma, Spinal stenosis, Scoliosis management.
  • ILLIZAROV technique and management of limbs shortening and limb length discrepancy (for poliomyelitis).
  • Pediatric orthopedic: Congenital deformity, Polio management, Erb.s palsy management.
  • Arthroscopic: Total knee replacement, Total hip replacement, Mosaiecoplasty, Re-alignment bone surgery.

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