Bahrain Specialist Hospital Laboratory is equipped with state of the art facilities and the most advanced technologies to deliver highest quality laboratory services. 

BSH uses state-of-the-art technology and follows International standards to ensure precise and accurate results with the least turnaround time; in doing so BSH processed over 20 thousand tests per month.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital started its operations in year 2002..It is a fully serviced, reference laboratory, offering more than 1,000 tests (In-house test 350) across the full spectrum of healthcare sub specialties round the clock.. We have expanded our services to BSH Riffa branch as well. The Laboratory at Bahrain Specialist Hospital is known for its accuracy and reliability, the state-of-the-art, high quality laboratory provides clinically impactful pathology and diagnostic services combined with readily available consultation with experienced pathologists. Over 2.5 million tests are processed at the laboratory every year. With emphasis on quality results, patient care, client service and the value provided by our in-house pathologists, clinician and patients have chosen BSH Laboratory as their reference laboratory for past 20 years.

Quality assurance
Bahrain Specialist Hospital Laboratory's experienced and committed teams of consultants, medical technologists and administrators are well trained to utilize cutting-edge technology and effective automation.
We carry out several internal quality assurance checks and enroll in international external quality assurance programs (RIQAS). We collaborate with International Reference Laboratories for special tests. To bring world class quality we follow International Guidelines and Accreditation requirements and adhere to the NHRA and JCI standards.
The laboratory staff periodically undertakes CME programs and attends medical conferences ensuring that they are abreast of the latest technology and quality standards.

Advanced cutting edge technology
BSH hospital laboratory is high end fully automated bi directionally interfaced, deploying state-of-the-art technology including Vitek 2 Compact, BD Surepath, Qiastat machines etc. It was the first private hospital Lab in Bahrain to introduce MIC testing for antibiotics on Vitek machine in year 2007.BSH is one of the few private hospitals in Bahrain to start qPcr LAB in 2018. Keeping in mind the importance of rapid results we recently added new Rapid PCR machine Qiastat DX which can give results in 1 hour.

Our list of modern equipment includes:

  • Cobas 6000
  • Cobas Integra
  • Cobas E411
  • Minividas
  • Stago
  • Chorus Trio
  • Sysmex XN 530
  • Leica Cryostat
  • Thermoscientific Tissue processor
  • Histology Leica microtome
  • Histology Thermoscientific microtome
  • Histology Leica automated stainer
  • Histocore arcadia C and H
  • BD Surepath for PAP smear
  • Cytopro Vescor
  • Vitek 2 Compact
  • Bact /Alert
  • Cobas U411
  • qPCR Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast
  • Qiastat DX

Services offered
Home Blood collection.
BSH launched free home phlebotomy services for their patients in year 2022.Our experienced and compassionate phlebotomist will collect your blood samples at your convenient time (between 7 am to 3 pm) and location and deliver your samples safely to our laboratory.
Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology
This section has one of the largest test menu and carries out tests ranging from most frequently required tests to the esoteric ones like serum Tacrolimus and Troponin High sensitive.. The lab has some of the top-notch state-of-the-art equipment ranging from routine analysers to various immunoassays and ELISA .The department is integrated with immunology labs which does hormonal assays, vitamins and tumor markers. The department maintains a great synergy with the clinicians and makes every effort to reach out to the clinicians to solve complicated patient results.
The Hematology lab offers an exhaustive menu of investigations.
Routine blood counts (CBC): CBC is done by top of the line hematology analyzers such Sysmex XN 530 which gives multiple parameters for each blood cell in a sample. The analyzers generate interpretative data, along with flags or signals for abnormalities of red cells, white cells and platelets. All such 'flagged' samples are reviewed by the pathologist and a descriptive report with advice is issued to the patient. Advanced Clinical Parameters are now available on these analyzers such as Immature Granulocyte.We perform pheripheral smears, manual platelet counts, reticulocyte count, Body fluid cell count ,CSF cell counts and malarial parasite detection.
Coagulation assays: PT , APTT ,INR
Microbiology and Mycology
The Microbiology department is a state of the art laboratory equipped with modern facilities like Bact/Alert, VITEK 2 Compact. We offer processing and interpretation of cultures from all clinical specimens. Rapid, accurate identification and antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria using Vitek 2 Compact along with early identification of resistant genes in multidrug resistant bugs enabling clinicians to decide the appropriate treatment promptly.
BSH microbiology lab is actively involved in hospital infection control committee, we closely study our isolates and their resistance pattern .BSH is amongst one of the few hospitals in the country to have its own Antibiogram in year 2004.
We provide early diagnosis of fungi with KOH preparations. Culture of various yeasts and moulds with identification. and susceptibility on Vitek 2 for most yeasts isolates.
Antifungal drug susceptibility testing of yeasts
These tests are performed on all yeasts: Amphotericin, Caspofungin, Fluconazole, Fucytosine, Itraconazole, Micafungin, Voriconazole
Clinical Pathology

Urine analysis ,Stool analysis for parasites ,Stool antigen testing is performed in this section.
Molecular Biology
BSH is one of the few private hospitals in Bahrain to start Molecular Biology Laboratory in 2018 and houses the state of the art qPCR technologies with a targeted range of wide variety of infectious diseases portfolio including the Gastrointestinal panel and Respiratory pneumonia panel infections. BSH Molecular Biology Lab was also one of the first private hospital to get approved by NHRA to conduct COVID-19 testing in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to help with the pandemic situation at the time.
We are amongst few private labs in Bahrain to offer CSF meningites ,CMV, Pneumocyctis carnii PCR with results within 24 hours.

Histopathology & Cytology
The Histopathology section offers services for processing and interpretation of surgical specimens.For urgent intraoperative diagnosis 'frozen section' service is provided to aid management. Specialised studies are performed for liver and kidney biopsies for chronic liver and renal disorders & liver and renal transplants patients.
All surgical specimens are processed by standard technique and reported with grading and staging of tumours according to Internationally used CAP protocol.. Radiologically guided core biopsies form a large part of these. Specimens include biopsies, excisions and resections from CNS,head & neck area,GU tract, GI tract, Breast, Gyn tract, Bone and soft tissue ,Lungs , lymphnodes and skin.
The cytopathology laboratory handles both gynaecological and non-gynaecological specimens sent for cytology. Gynaecological 'PAP smears' are performed for early detection of cervical cancer. The section has a Cytospin for preparing concentrated smears of body fluids with low cell count or of small volume specimens like CSF, Urine and other boy fluids..
Fine needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is also carried out for all palpable swellings in the body as the first line of investigative workup before a surgical biopsy.
Collabarations with international laboratories for specialized /rare test
Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) & Toxicology
Transfusion Medicine
lmmunoHistochemistry & lmmunofluorescence
Nucleic Acid testing (NAT )Testing & Apheresis Procedures
Non- Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (NIPD )testing

BSH Lab advantage
JCI accredited facility meeting global standards with uncompromised accuracy and state-of-the-art infrastructure
Emphasis on patient care, accurate and reliable results, client service and the value provided by our mission of Quality Healthcare.
Over 2.5 million tests processed at laboratory every year
Faster turnaround times, as per international standards
Frequent, open and consistent communication with clinicians. Direct client access to our lab consultants.
Quality control systems through internal Quality Control process and participation in external Proficiency Testing Programs (RIQAS)
Convenient Servicing - Doorstep sample pick up, convenient billing and report delivery over email.
Qualified and experienced laboratory personnel and management teams
Most Advanced Technology
Some exclusive tests available at BSH lab
Stool Campylobacter cultures
Candida Identification and Antifungal MIC testing.
Stool Salmonella, Campylobacter, Entamoeba, Giardia, and Cryptosporidia antigen (within 24 hours)
Stool Bacterial and Viral PCR (within 2 to 3 hours)
Blood Gamma interferon (within 48 hours)
Serum Tacrolimus test (within 24hours)
Serum Troponin High sensitive (HS) (within 1 hour)
CSF meningites PCR (within 6 to 8 hours)
Autoimmune profile (48 hours)

List of tests and PACKAGES

Lab Contact numbers
Laboratory reception 17812053, 17812056, 17812078
Biochemistry 17812407
Haematology 17802054
Histology and Cytology 17802312
Microbiology and Clinical pathology 17812313 , 17812490
Molecular Biology 17802544
Consultant pathologist 17812055
Specialist pathologist 17812058
Assistant Lab Manager 17812490

BSH Lab Webinar:

BSH lab conducted a national webinar on Antibiotic stewardship in May 2021.

BSH LAB Research papers

  • Successful elimination of hemodialysis-related bacteremia and vascular access infection Dr Jafar Alsaid.Amiee pagaduan .Soni.murdeshwar
    Saudi journal of kidney diseases and transplantation: an official publication of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation, Saudi Arabia 24(6):1228-1232 November 2013
  • Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Bacterial Pathogens in a Tertiary Care Hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain Kasim O. Ardati1,*, Soni R. Murdeshwar2, Saramma T. Chacko3, Abhijeet Jagtap4, Sunitha Jacob4
    Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society Year 2019, Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 39-48
  • Prevalence of Bacterial Pathogens and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern in Bahrain Tertiary Care Hospital Kasim O. Ardati1,*, Soni R. Murdeshwar2, Saramma T. Chacko3, Abhijeet Jagtap4, Sunitha Jacob4
    Journal of the Bahrain Medical SocietyYear 2019, Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 5-16
  • Efficacy of Rapid Antigen Detection Test For Group A Streptococcus in Bahraini and Non Bahraini Children: A Retrospective Study. Dr. Kasim O. Ardati1*, Soni R. Murdeshwar2, Saramma T Chacko3 Ardati et al., J Bahrain Med Soc. 2020;32(4):00
  • Evaluation of Bacterial Infections in Bahraini Pediatric Patients
    Kasim O. Ardati1,*, Soni R. Murdeshwar2 January 2021 Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society = Majallat Jam'īyat al-Atibbā' al-Bahraynīyah BMS JOURNALS (
  • Spectrum of Causative Pathogens and Resistance Rates to Antibacterial Agents in Bacterial Prostatitis
    Soni Murdeshwar's Lab Kamran hassan Bhatti's Lab July 2021 Diagnostics 11(8):1333

Department Doctors

Dr. Mary Jean Puthukattukaran

Consultant - Pathology

Dr. Abid Hussain

Specialist Anatomic and clinical Pathologist

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