The medical professionals at the department along with the para-medical staff ensures that all medical emergencies are given prompt attention and refer to concerned departments.

Emergencies and disasters happen without warning, and treatment cannot wait. The doctors, paramedics and nurses in the Emergency Department of Bahrain Specialist Hospital swing into action to provide prompt and swift medical attention to contain the injuries, stabilize traumatized patients and save lives. We have a multi-bedded ultra-modern resuscitation bay with dedicated team of experts specialized in trauma care, external cardiac massage and artificial respiration. The 6-bedded fully equipped Emergency department of BSH is well prepared to handle all kind of emergencies and disasters.

BSH’s full-fledged ambulance, with trained emergency physicians and paramedics, provide vital pre-hospital care while transporting critically ill or injured patients with threat to life. The emergency medicine physicians have adequate exposure in the transfer and transport of patients from the field and between hospitals. The Department of Emergency Medicine is dedicated to improving outcomes of acutely ill and injured patients through high-quality, cost-efficient care, education, and research.

At Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Emergency Physicians are:

  • Trained to manage all kinds of emergencies, including Cardiac, Stroke, Medical & Pediatric Emergencies.
  • Provide Emergency Medical Service, including emergency transportation whenever and wherever needed in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • They are assisted by well-trained emergency nurses and Paramedics
  • Emergency Department offers 24x7 services to all our patients

Department Doctors

Dr. Ansari Macapundag

Emergency Physician / General Practitioner

Dr. Haifa Hassan Osman Sharif

Emergency Physician / General Practitioner

Dr. Ahmed Adnan Rashed Assafei

Emergency Physician / General Practitioner

Dr. Faiqa Nazlee Jawaid Hayat

Emergency Physician / General Practitioner

Dr. Fatema Yusuf Hasan Ebrahim Mohamed

Emergency Physician / General Practitioner

Dr. Ala`a Azmi Abed Odeh

Internal Medicine Resident/ER ER Coordinator

Dr. Safwan Haider M.D.

General Practitioner-ER

Dr. Sangeetha Ranganathan

General Practitioner

Dr.Abdulla Khalaf Abdulla Abdulmahdi

General Practitioner

Dr. Husain Alderazi

GP and occupational practitioner

Dr. Ashreg Elhaj

General practitioner

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