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test ba 2I was suffering from excessive obesity, and I had tried many kinds of nutritional diets, in addition to weight reducing medications and products, but without success.

A relative of mine advised me to go to Bahrain Specialist Hospital and see Ms. Sowmya Chandra/ Nutrition Specialist. Indeed I joined a healthy nutritional program which she had specifically designed to reduce my weight, and was suitable for my food taste. I started to see amazing results from the very first month, while enjoying the healthy meals prepared by the Hospital. Now, one year after joining the program, I have already lost about 63 kg’s of my weight.

Many thanks to my family, thanks to Mrs. Sowmya, thanks to the kitchen team, thanks to Bahrain Specialist Hospital and thanks to all those who supported me, stood by me and encouraged me.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Nawal Al-Ansari

It was a wonderful experience and was provided with utmost care and concern by all at Bahrain Specialist Hospital. My baby’s stay at the Nursery was excellent. I was free of any kind of worry. Thank you and keep up your great work.

Sumitha Stevenson

Our thanks to all Shaun’s Doctors at Bahrain Specialist Hospital. We could not have asked for better treatment. They have all given us hope, guidance and goals to aim for….. Our most sincere thanks to them all. A special thank you to ICU Nurse Jennifer, her care, friendship and kindness went beyond call of duty. We will always thank her for giving us those 15 minutes at BSH garden. These 15 minutes are what I will take back home to Singapore with me….. Until…. I return again for Shaun.

Gillian Coates - Fiancée

Special thanks to staff nurse Alvira and Miss Jose for the excellent care they provided and to all the staff in the Nursery for looking after my baby. Good job!

Flora Robles

I was a patient of Dr. Arawind in Orthodontics for two years, and I am pleased to say that the results have been worth it.

For years, I knew my denture was misaligned, but did not worry about it until I started having nagging headaches. I was cajoled into treatment on the promise that I would wear braces for only a year, which quickly became two. But this was no real burden as the improvements were there to see.

Since I removed those braces, I am often told that my face has brightened up, or that I look younger, especially by people who had not seen me for a long time. The procedure has made a big difference, and I am ever so grateful to Dr. Arawind and his assistant Veema whom I recommend.



Weight Management

test 021Both my husband and I have struggled with our weight for years and while we acknowledged all the benefits of losing weight both from the immediate and long term health benefits, we just couldn’t “get it together” enough to elect the obvious course of action. However, over the past year the two seemingly divergent points of “weight problem” and “taking action” did FINALLY converge. The Gulf Daily News featured an article about Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s new program that provided individuals with take away meals especially designed to meet their medical and dietary needs. I finally had enough of struggling with such seemingly simple things like bending over to tie my shoelaces without turning red. So I made appointments for my husband and I with BSH so we could embark on our new path to a better life. Dr. Jafar Al Said, Nephrology, Hypertension & Internal Medicine Consultant, ordered medical examinations for both my husband and I to check on our health conditions and their after assign to us the right diets; to ensure regular weight loss without compromises on our health.

When we picked up our first meals from BSH, what a pleasant surprise? Contrary to what one would stereotypically expect a “hospital food”; our meals were a feast for the eyes, palate, and stomach! As a result of these personalized eating plans we averaged a weekly weight-loss of 1 kg each with a total weight loss of 10 kg each by just eight weeks!

The anticipated and desired benefits of our weight loss is already being experienced… we can move more easily, with less stress on our bodies, we breath easier and our clothes fit better (as a matter of fact we’ve been required to buy new, smaller sized clothing)! We saved on eating expenses, feel healthier and by following this program saved on health care expenses in the future.

So the program is not an expense but an investment. We look forward to continue the program and to lose more weight over the coming months.